Time tested
yet revolutionary hardware

The smallest wireless EMG sensor in the world

The small form factor of Myowise sensors guarantees complete freedom of movement and minimizes the impact of the instrument on the execution of the exam, this allows comfortable muscles monitoring before, during and after the dental treatment session.

20 hours

Designed for daily use, the battery life has been optimized to guarantee up to 20 hours of use. It’s always ready to go.

8 grams

The sensor is as light as a sheet of paper and the patient experiences full freedom of movement.

0 wires

Wires are a thing of the past. The future is wireless and our connection protocol is up to the task.

What’s in the box?

Myowise is designed to be a complete package, just add a computer and nothing more. Everything you need to start is in the box.

  • 4 wireless EMG sensors
  • Myowise software key
  • Charging station
  • Travel case
  • Pre-gelled disposable electrodes

Small but great

Our experience in the design and manufacturing of high end EMG systems, for multiple research applications, is at the base of the myowise system.
The technical specifications we have achieved fear no comparison.

  • Real time acquisition at 1000 Hz
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Fast and reliable wireless connection
  • Extremely low artifacts

Let’s talk about batteries

The sensors are equipped with an integrated rechargeable Li-Po battery and the internal circuit is optimized to minimize absorption and deliver up to 20 hours of recording.


Start your day

The sensors have been charging during the night, in the morning they are ready to go.

9:00 am

All day continuous use


End of your day

Considering 8 hours of recording time, batteries will still have more than half of the juice.

6:00 pm

9:00 am

6:00 pm

Fully charge your system in just 3 hours

The charging station is designed to deliver fast and reliable power.
A completely depleted sensor will take only 3 hours to be fully recharged.
The best charging performance is obtained with the use of the wall plug adapter.

Charging station

The clip-on technology enables for fast charging and the light sectors give you feedback on the state of charge of each sensor.
When one of the light sectors stops pulsing, the corresponding sensor is fully charged. Pick each sensor up from the charging station to automatically activate them and to make them available for connection.

Redefining lightness

The smallest EMG sensor in the world is also the lightest. The combined weight of the complete system during operation is around 37 grams, comparable to the weight of a pair of glasses.

Wireless precision

The complete absence of wires takes the data transmission to a new level of quality. The sensors are no longer subject to the mechanical stress of being connected trough wires and the recorded signal can’t be compromised by wire caused movement artifacts.
It’s time to switch to a wireless solution.

For you and for your patient

The wireless connection protocols guarantee a quick and reliable pairing with the computer. Your workspace is free from cable clutter and the patient experiences full freedom of movement and an overall superior comfort.

The best hardware solutions available

All these technological advancements are the product of the passion we put in designing the Myowise system. We are committed to offering you the best hardware solutions available.

  • A complete plug and play system
  • State of the art technical specifications
  • Small and light and with great battery life