Two leading realities

Myowise is the product of passion and cooperation between two leading companies. The best hardware joins the greatest experience in the field of standardized sEMG based dental occlusion analysis. The user feels the functional diagnosis experience like never before.

Leading in EMG technology since 2002 , worldwide trusted manufacturer.

Pioneer in the field of dental occlusion analysis through the use of surface EMG systems.


The smallest wireless EMG in the world

Cometa releases the Pico EMG, to this day the smallest and lightest wireless EMG system on the market.



The second generation of standardised sEMG instruments designed for all dental professionals.


The first wireless EMG

Cometa Pioneers the field of EMG technology is was the first to develop a fully wireless system. Cometa’s Wave EMG system is used and trusted by researchers and universities worldwide.


Surface EMG in Dentistry

Exclusive worldwide distributor of the fist POC index based electromyographic technology for dental occlusion analysis.

We build the hardware

Our mission is to deliver the highest standards of quality and incomparable performance.

And we write the software

Our team of engineers worked with dedication to create a bullet-proof piece of software.