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Gnatology is not simple, and EMG based occlusion analysis is still a niche field but Myowise’s aim is to make it available to a broader number of dental professionals. We believe that chewing muscles analysis can integrate well into more common therapy pipelines. We put together a series of videos to introduce and explore cultural, clinical and technical aspects of this technology.

Educational videos

Explore all the possibilities Myowise gives to your dental practice.
This series of videos is designed as a useful overview aimed at beginners as well as more experiences professionals.

Personal training

Our team, together with out scientific partners, is available for multiple training solutions.

Our educational videos

How can Myowise help me in my daily work?, how does it work and which are the main principles?
These are just a few of the questions to which we answer in this series of videos. Theoretical explanations combined with technical tips and case studies are organized in three sections.


Discover the world of surface EMG and the possible applications based on muscles activity analysis.


Improve your treatments and clinical knowledge od the field through case studies and more.


Explore the instrument’s full potential and learn how to obtain the best possible signal acquisitions.

Tailored personal training

Write us through the contact page of this website to learn how we can help you with your Myowise system.